About Us: Fitbump2Fitmum 
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Fitbump2Fitmum is a London based health and well-being company, who provides expert one-to-one training, fitness and yoga classes in person and online. We are committed to working with mothers before, during and after the birth of their baby. We help them to improve their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. All our fitness team are proven experts in the fitness industry with proven excellent client results.

Who is Kat? 

  Fitbump2fitmum was founded as part of Kat Fitness by head personal trainer Katalin Kaszas who is originally from Hungary, she moved to London in 2001.

 Kat has been involved in sports & training for over 25 years but knew nothing about fitness during pregnancy. When she found out she was pregnant, launched a search for a well-trained prenatal personal trainer to keep her fit and safe and was a great disappointment when she found none in her area.

 After the birth her daughter in 2012 she decided to take matters in her own hand. She qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor. Soon she realized that she needed to expand her knowledge about pregnancy and postpartum fitness and got a degree in Birth and beyond (NCT).

 Kat is highly motivated to support women especially mothers to boost their self-confidence to the highest level possible.

 She is also a trained birth educator. 


Why should you join?

The main reason that you should consider trying us out is that we are consciously emphases safety, paying special attention to the enormous physical and emotional changes a woman experiences during pregnancy and after birth. We are able to show you many examples of clients that we worked with who have found training during pregnancy helped them to have a better birth experience. Postpartum mothers also achieved amazing results to speed up their recovery and strengthening their core muscles, we are looking to work together with you to do the same.

 We will work with you from day one to first identify your specific goals and needs, but also to learn as much as we can about your specific preferences, your possible ailments, and the reasons why you want to make a definitive change in your level of health and fitness.

We will tailor a training program to your specific goals and needs to get the results that you are seeking no matter what. We make sure that each and every one of your workouts is as productive and satisfying as possible, this keeps you more driven and motivated. Within our in-person and online classes we encourage socializing with other mums, build a support group to minimize the feeling of isolation.